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Yoga for Travellers

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Yoga For Travellers

Making the most of your time and creating beautiful memories are a few things we all want when traveling. One of the best things you can do to ground yourself while exploring new cities or immersing yourself in new cultures, is to do 20 minutes of yoga to help you feel energised, calm and strong no matter where you find yourself. Here are a few little tips!

  • Choose one simple routine – To try and maintain your yoga practice while travelling it’s a great idea to modify your usual practice to suit varying environments and schedules. Although you may not have control over your setting or the time frame you’ll get to practise, you do have control over choosing one simple and achievable sequence of poses that you might like to try and do each day. A few rounds of sun sals is perfect and all you’ll need is a travelling mat, towel or even just some space on the floor.
  • Try packing a travel towel – One of the best things about yoga is that is requires little or no equipment! If you don’t have the space in your bag to pack a light yoga mat, you can always use a travelling towel. Chances are you will be laying your towel on a lot of foreign floors, but the beauty of travel towels is that you can rinse them and they’ll be dry within an hour.
  • Take advantage of every moment – Lugging around heavy bags or spending a lot of time on planes, trains or buses can start to take a real toll on your neck, shoulders and back. It’s a great time to practise shoulder openers, gentle backbends and hip openers. And it’s likely you’ll be sitting down while in transit, so take advantage of the time you spend in chairs with some modified poses like a ‘chair cat cow’ or a ‘gentle chair spinal twist’.
  • Meditate – Travelling is an ideal time to get into your meditation because you’re going to be less connected to your phone or emails and more receptive to your present moment surroundings. Whether you’re laying by the ocean, hiking in nature and waiting in a queue for the bathroom, find a meditative state by closing your eyes and simply tuning into your breathe!

I know I feel the best about myself just after my yoga practice, so it makes sense to bring that feeling along with us as we travel!

Namaste and safe travels x