Wellness for your employees and your business

Our unique business wellness program allows your employees unlimited access to move, meditate and engage in a wide range of mindfulness practices with us on demand, at any time and anywhere. This offering is particularly beneficial during these current times of significant personal and organisational change.

Unlimited access for all of your employees, on demand and at any time

Our program allows all of your employees unlimited access to our Online Studio (via our App or our website) at any time and anywhere.  Your employees will have at their fingertips access to over 1,500 yoga classes, guided meditations, mindfulness practices and lots more which they can view from their homes, while traveling or commuting to and from work.

Our Online Studio includes a range of series that have been specially curated with busy employees in mind.  These series include:

  • Stress Management
  • Movement for Office Workers
  • Relaxation
  • Chair yoga
  • Audio only meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Travelling

This is a valuable offering for your employees that is easily accessible, at any time, to help them move, meditate and rest with us.

Benefits for your employees and your business

The benefits of a yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice for individuals is well documented, and includes improving physical wellbeing, supporting mental health and increasing life satisfaction and self-esteem.

For businesses, the benefits of having employees engaged and participating in these practices is equally as compelling.  Those benefits include:

  • reduced absenteeism
  • increased retention
  • increased resilience and engagement of your team
  • clearer and more focused thinking, and heightened performance
  • reduced anxiety and stress

During these times of organisational change that we find ourselves in, it is important to recognise the feelings of anxiety and stress that can be experienced by your team. Chronic anxiety and stress may lead to an increase in workplace health and safety issues, absenteeism, employee turnover and a reduction in productivity – and can be costly for businesses.  Our offering reduces the severity of these experiences and the burden borne by businesses as a result.

Simple and affordable pricing

Our pricing structure is affordable and simple.  We have a number of different packages available to suit small, medium and large businesses. Please contact us by completing the form below, and we will be in touch shortly to discuss our pricing options and next steps.

Low maintenance offering for your team

Joining us is affordable, simple and straightforward, and requires almost no initial set up or ongoing management by you or your team.  We will provide you with a custom and, if you would like, co-branded registration page for your employees to sign up and to access the Online Studio.  From there, your employees can use the login details that they set up to access our Online Studio and our App wherever they are, and whenever they want!

Additional offerings

In addition to accessing our Online Studio, once your business has joined our business wellness membership, we will be more than happy to discuss with you other offerings that you would like for your employees. These may include:

• in person yoga classes at your office;

• group meditation practices with your team; and

• individual meditation training for particular members of your team.

We’d love for you to join us

If you are interested in joining, or learning more about this offering, please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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