Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate Course

With Susan

Learning to meditate is a powerful gift that you can give to yourself. With the fullness and pace of our modern lives, meditation is a powerful tool in our own personal ‘selfcare toolkit’ to help balance the effects that stress can have on our bodies and our minds. Through a consistent daily practice, meditation has been shown to help reduce stress, ease anxiety, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, and simply help you feel more aware and calm in your daily life.

As a life long meditator and yoga practitioner, Susan has a depth of knowledge and experience. Starting her journey at around 20 years of age, Susan has practised many meditation techniques and has experienced the wondrous effects and impact that a daily meditation practice can bring to a more creative, dynamic and less stressful life.

Susan will teach a simple meditation technique that is over 5000 years old. Susan teaches Sattva Himalayan Meditation – a technique from the vedic and tantric traditions that is easily incorporated into modern lives. This technique is only taught within the boundaries of a private or private group setting, and gives you your own mantra that, once taught and practiced, will allow you to meditate easily and deeply without being guided or dependent on the use of an app. In this course you will refine the ease of the technique and gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body and brain connection so you can confidently incorporate the practise into your daily life.

To enquire about learning to meditate with Susan, either in a private one-on-one course or private group course, please email us at hello@lightspaceyoga.com.au

  • Cost (private one-on-one): $780
  • Cost (private small group): $580
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