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Honour Your Time

By Light Space Yoga   /  


Welcome to Summer, to the festive season, and to one of the busiest times of the year! It’s important to remember that if you have too much on your plate, it’s time to start thinking about what you could be doing towards honouring your time. It might be time for you to consider lightening your load so that you have more of those where you can reflect, digest and process all of your daily tasks inside and outside your home.

Here are a few small things you can do that will really help you create some space for yourself:


1. Light a candle in your bedroom. 

Spend 5 minutes in your bedroom or even a quiet room of your house. When you first light the wick you’ll notice the flame waver and flicker. After a period, the flame will become completely still and grow that little bit taller. During this short meditation, think of yourself as though you are the flame: you only need a few moments of stillness to create some space in your mind and you too will reach a higher state where you feel capable of managing time.


2. Cut back on watching screens at night.

Most of us don’t recognise the added (and overpowering) stimulation that comes from time spent at night on our laptop, mobile or television. Honour your time with therapeutic activities like writing in a journal, going for a walk or cleaning out a drawer. Rather than over-stimulating your brain, these screen-free activities will help you release those excess thoughts which are making you feel like you have ‘no time’.


3. Take on less until you have created more space. 

Lightening your load involves taking on less work until you are feeling a bit stronger. You might consider cutting down the amount of house-work or home cooking you do in a typical week. Reaffirm to yourself that fewer home-cooked meals or an unmade bed is not forever. It’ll just be until you have created some much-needed space.


Enjoy this time of year…it is truly special x