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Here is a complimentary class for you to practice in the comfort of your own home. It is a little sneak peek of what you’ll experience as a member of our Online Studio. We hope you enjoy some time to move, breathe and rest with us.

Day 1 - Intention - 21 Day Journey Series


Slow Flow


40 minutes

Your Teacher


About this class

In this class, Susan will introduce you to the ’21 Day Journey to a Balanced You’ Series. 21 practices in 21 Days. Designed to welcome balance, intention and wellbeing into your life. Each day will offer a new 30 minute themed practice including 5 minutes of pranayama, 20 minutes of movement (either vinyasa, slow flow or yin) and conclude with 5 minutes of meditation. ‘Now’ is always the right time to move towards more balance and a commitment to your yoga practice.

In today’s class we focus on Intention. Rather than intend for something to happen, Susan will invite you to explore intention as something to connect to within yourself. Throughout this series, surrender to the force in the Universe and explore intention to reveal the real you, the complete and integrated you, the balanced YOU.

We hope you enjoy this special journey.

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