I’m an infatuated mother of two glorious daughters. I grew up performing with a circus and moonlighted as a contortionist throughout my twenties. Circus has embedded in me a deep love of the art of movement. One of my strangest jobs has been working as a magician’s assistant who appeared magically next to home appliances. I love a good coffee and try to wake outrageously early to enjoy one in that special morning silence with a book. I could happily eat a giant salad every night for dinner. I’m a homebody to my core and one of my most favourite feelings is wandering through a freshly cleaned house. I’m a lover of words. Petrichor. Meander. Sauca. Dumpling. I’m passionate about the natural world. About the special people in my life. About equality, acceptance, accessibility. 

I’ve admired yoga for most of my life. One of my earliest memories of yoga is looking at my mother’s yoga books and copying the poses. I believe in the transformative power of yoga. 

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