Mary Head Shot


I love connecting with people, deep diving into who they are, what they love, and finding common ground we can gush over together (usually a book, movie/show or song!). I find immense joy in spending time with my husband, Lewis, and our two children and creating memories with them. If you’re chatting with me there is a high chance, I’ll throw in something about Lewis at some point – he’s, quite simply, the best person I know. My family & friends are my safe space. I love nurturing, and being nurtured by, them. I have a great passion for reading. I have a deep appreciation for almost all genres of music and love a good living room dance party with a couple of glasses of rosé. I am a huge fan of date nights with live music. I am a list maker – I have a list for everything. I love a beautiful, inspirational or funny quote (that’s your invitation to send any my way). I dream about coffee when I go to bed at night. I listen to instrumental music before I go to sleep, and ocean waves while I do. I am a strong advocate for wellness in all aspects of life. I believe wholeheartedly in self-care, both physically and mentally, whether that be practising yoga to exploring daily rituals. I am always seeking to romanticise my life, even the small moments.

Mary is our Community and Operations Manager. She is bubbly, loves a chat, and is passionate about nurturing and supporting the Light Space community. She is exceptional at customer service and cares deeply that each yogi’s experience is positive and smooth each and every step of the way on their yoga journey.

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