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I believe that everyone on this earth has a purpose. Mine is sharing yoga with everyone. From acceptance, humility and love. I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom from the teachings of this ancient art form. More importantly, it has also brought me immense excitement, joy and happiness, which cannot be contained. Hence, I always try and bring a bit a fun, laughter and lightness to my classes. As Charlie Chaplin once said; “a day without laughter is a day wasted.” He definitely hit the nail on the head with that quote. On a different non yoga related note, here are some fun facts about me. Did you know that I served in the military? After two years I’ve concluded that I’m definitely more of a lover than a fighter (lol). I graduated from university. I have a close bond with my family, and I find compassion, empathy, fairness, honesty and kindness uber attractive. This last sentence should really be reserved for tinder (lol). I hope to see all of you on your mat very soon. Till we meet again, remember to always turn the corners of your mouth up and breathe slowly. Be your true authentic fabulous self.

Kelvin’s classes are creative, dynamic engaging and fun.

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