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i am a homebody. i love making pancakes in my pyjamas for the family. my family is my life. i am happiest in the kitchen, fresh bread in the oven makes my heart sing! coffee is my thing, long black first thing in the morning. i love beautiful scents, ylang ylang, cedarwood and freshly cut grass. i love to sing broadway and jazzy tunes. i am a doctor in medicine and surgery, but an intuitive healer. i believe Yoga fosters improved self image, transformation through self exploration and increase overall wellness. my own yoga practice is eclectic, i love to explore and blend styles. i do admit, a strong, challenging vinyasa is my addiction but I do love yin yoga more than i love chocolate. i am fiercely loyal. my friends keep me grounded and balanced, continuously inspiring and comforting. my family has taught me to be grateful of every moment, patience and kindness. my love for them is everything.

Grace’s classes are nurturing, light-hearted and grounding.