I love the beauty in wilderness. To dance often and sing songs to my dog. To go for camping trips with my partner. To move and feel my body in new shapes. To sip tea as I experiment with cooking. To be barefoot until my feet have a solid foundation of dirt on them although I still love wearing high heels too. Sunshine and rain. I really like the whole cycle; all the seasons! I have the opportunity to live off-grid and spend a lot of time with plant and animal life. The wealth of knowledge I see in nature and my awe for that beauty is what I want to weave in to my classes. A reminder of our connection into that, and as part of that. I love seeing yogis using our classes together as an opportunity to explore movement that honours themselves, their joy and challenges alike. Some where between odd and graceful and sometimes both in the same moment


Ella’s classes are soulful, gentle and heartfelt. She will take you on a journey with your breath and your body.

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