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i am in love with life. i am in awe of its brilliant brilliance yet shake my head at its horrors. i trust that love will always win. i love to garden, i need flowers in my house and will pick some from yours if in reach from the front gate. coffee – black – each morning. but i will still smile without it. yoga has transformed my life. i love that i still have so much to learn. it is humbling, challenging, uplifting, inspiring, fascinating and so friggen fun. i love to stand under huge trees and marvel at their history and thank them for their cover. the ocean brings me back to myself. i love to squish my bare feet into damp grass letting the blades of grass tickle my toes. i am a long-time vegetarian but will never preach. i bake treats for friends’ birthdays. i love my friends, my family, my sister, my nephew with every inch of my being. i will ask you how you are and really listen to the answer. i practice, read about, talk about and think about yoga every day. i believe parties are more fun when you are dancing, that travel is worth the jetlag and that eating ice-cream out of a cone with a tiny coloured spoon makes it taste better.

Elenni’s classes are dynamic, offer challenges but are also supportive and nurturing. Seeing students explore the possibilities in their body while challenging what they know to be true is Elenni’s teaches.