What a ride this life can be! While it is easy to shake my head at its horrors, I try to remember to regularly stand in awe of its brilliance. I trust that love will always win and that the balance of good and bad will tip toward the former when it counts. I love to garden; I need flowers in my house and will pick some from yours if in reach of the front gate. Coffee – black – each morning. But I will still smile without it. I am a long-time vegetarian but will never preach. I love to bake treats on slow Sundays and eat them while reading my next favourite book. Yoga has transformed my life. I love that after all these years of practicing and teaching I still have so much to learn. It is humbling, challenging, uplifting, inspiring, fascinating and so much fun. My motto on the mat: If you’re not enjoying yourself and laughing a little, you’re not doing it right. I love to get out into nature when I can and stand under huge trees to marvel at their history. But when trips are out of reach, you’ll find me making do with runs along the Merri creek, choosing my trusty bike over the car (expect on those 6am starts!), and experimenting with different ways to move my body just for the fun of it. When you come to the front desk, I will ask you how you are and really listen to the answer. I learn more from those who come to my classes than what I can possibly teach them. In 2022, I took a big step back from living, breathing and teaching yoga full-time to step into a teaching role in a different capacity at a local high school, and my yoga practice has never been more important. It’s a reminder that it is never about the pose; it’s about how we are on and off the mat. The practice keeps me accountable to continue to live as best I can with honesty, integrity, joy, and love.

Elenni’s classes are dynamic, offer challenges but are also supportive and nurturing with a good dose of joy and play thrown in for good measure. Seeing students explore the possibilities in their body while challenging what they know to be true is what she aims for each class.

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