I am a Mum of 4 beautiful boys. They are the centre of my world and I feel incredibly blessed. Family is everything. I believe in yoga and meditation being inclusive and something that I invite my children to experience with me. I am a big advocate for self care. I prefer the words life is perfectly full, rather than busy. I cherish silence and stillness. And love a good view. Reading fiction novels makes me feel like I’m on holidays, and I constantly have a stack of books on my bedside table. I love the simple indulgence of lighting a scented candle. I wake early every morning to sit and meditate before the family rises. To me, coffee is a ritual…I savour that first sip. My Mum, Aunties and Cousins are hilarious and so fun to be around…every family gathering turns into a dance party to the BeeGees. My husband is my best friend. And I love that he too loves a corny rom-com movie. I drink herbal tea in the bath. I buy myself fresh flowers. I am a planner and a list writer, it gives me immense joy to tick a box. I am blessed with an incredible community of dear friends who I cherish and am grateful for every day. I love nothing more that a girls catch up over a glass of Rosé. I believe in making memories, and that the simple things in life are so precious. Light Space Yoga is my sanctuary, our community is remarkably special, and I still pitch myself every time I walk through the doors.

Clare’s classes are uplifting and dynamic with a focus on tuning into the power of breath, body and the mind.

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