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I am an outdoor adventurer and lover of all forms of challenge. I seek deep conversations under star filled skies and enjoy learning about all facets of human experience. I feel that honesty, integrity and openness are my favourite traits in humans. I also love all animals. I may in fact be a cat whisperer. You will often find me exploring in nature, snapping photos, eating croissants, dancing and sky gazing. I believe yoga to be an internal practice which brings one back to themselves and into flow with the natural world. Alongside many years as a student of yoga, I have also studied Health Science and Chinese Medicine and would like to study Astronomy in the near future. I believe yoga and meditation have the ability to change humanity through providing a foundation from where we can be our most genuine selves and learn to live outside of our fears and conditioning.

Christy’s classes are a fluid, moving meditation, balancing strength and deep release through alignment and correct muscle action to improve mobility and performance. Christy’s classes promote self reflection and internal wisdom.