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i am a lucky mother, daughter and yogi. i love to dance, but i was never good at it. i love sugar-free cooking, because i was once a sugar addict. i love watching people eat, especially if it’s the food i cook. i love morning yoga practice, it sets me on my track for the day. i sip through lemon hot water to wake me up. i never drink my water cold, even in summer. i love the sound of Sanskrit words and say it as often as i can. my to-go-to pose is ‘sirsasana’ – supported headstand, it grounds me when i’m overwhelmed. i am deeply in love with yoga. it teaches me to be humble yet strong at the same time. it teaches me to breathe when I want to react and respond kindly instead.

Christine’s classes are strong and grounding, focusing on using the breath to connect with our sensations.