I came to Light Space as an eager student. The wonderful team inspired me to become a teacher (thank you!) though I remain an eternal student. I used to see yoga as a coping strategy. Before i knew it, yoga became a lifestyle and a vehicle for developing a spiritual practice. I can’t carry a tune but I feel emotionally moved singing kirtan (ancient devotional chanting) in a candle-lit room with others. I am an introvert and need time to reflect and process my day before my head hits the pillow. One of my favourite yoga books is Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark. My mantra is ‘make the pose work for your body, don’t force your body to the pose’. I integrate many mindful moments in my classes. I believe mindful moments can come from unexpected places. My special moments include the sound of my son laughing, the crowd at the MCG, and a soothing warm shower at the end of the day. I grew up in country Victoria. In my childhood you would find me playing netball, roller skating with the neighbours, and attending concerts with my friends. My upbringing taught me good values about family, helping others, and the spirit of community. I am also a psychologist with a passion for workplace mental health and I love supporting organisations, leaders, and employees to build a safe and kind workplace culture.


Casey brings a warm, encouraging quality to her classes. Casey wishes to encourage students to develop self and body awareness and to use this on and off the mat. Casey loves to chat with others about their yoga practice as this helps her to connect and learn from the community.

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