i’m 20 something, and was born in Perth. i have loved Melbourne since the beginning of 2015. i’m very chilled out. i love yoga so much, i ditched the construction site for the yoga room. yoga has taken over my passion for sport. yin is better than salted caramel. i love to travel, and have been around. my favourite destination of late has been the journey of myself. i don’t want to leave and it isn’t getting boring. i like electronic and house music, even to flow to. yoga is my new way of partying. food is one of my favourites. i’ll eat anything and everything. if you don’t like wasting food, invite me out to dinner. Melbourne has EPIC ice cream, which I frequent a lot. it needs some more sun though.

Bobby brings a warm gentle class that is very grounding. He wants his students to take each journey on their mat as each day presents itself. No expectations. No limits. See you on the magic (rubber) carpet x

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