I am a movement enthusiast and have been in a constant wiggle or jingle since I can remember. I am a professional dancer and have had a dedicated yoga practice for over 10 years. I love to share and pass along the personal knowledge that I have acquired from incredible teachers all around the world, and believe whole heartedly in how empowering and transformative a yoga practice can be. I don’t take myself too seriously and praise people for giving something a go even when making a mistake or falling over. I will often say something silly in class without realising until the class starts laughing at me. I love to teach people from all different walks of life, and I welcome anyone and everyone onto the mat with me. I love what I do, and genuinely feel that I haven’t worked a single day in my life.

Ben’s classes are creative, light, upbeat and flowing, whilst maintaining a strong focus on foundational technique. He likes to incorporate all of the modalities that he has trained in to keep the practice alive, fun and surprising. In his classes, you will often build up a shake and a sweat without even realising, as he likes to build strength in a gentle and considered way. He weave meaningful intention into the practice and encourage everyone to listen to their body and find a sense of authenticity on the mat.

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