Born and raised in Czech Republic, I’ve lived and studied yoga in San Francisco for 8 years. I’ve made my home in Australia in 2016 and since then became a mama to two beautiful boys. I love caring for my family and our home, spending time in nature with my husband, my boys and our dog, and exploring the world with them. Sharing yoga with others, and some quiet alone time, make my heart full and my soul happy.

Yoga has been in my life for over 17 years now and I’ve been lucky to share it with others since 2011. I love how fluid and meaningful our yoga practice is, when we allow it to transform along with us and support us in various life stages. My yoga practice has guided me through planning a family, both pregnancies, childbirth, early postpartum and motherhood. I honestly cannot imagine my life without yoga, especially now that I’m a mum to two very busy little humans! I’m passionate about inspiring others to look after themselves with compassion, patience, self-love and to trust their intuition as well as the universe. I am fascinated by breath work and believe that there’s a tremendous amount of healing available to us through our yoga, breath, and meditation practice.

Barbora’s classes are grounding, nurturing, balancing strength and softness with focus on breath, healing and mindfulness.

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