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i stepped on the mat 7 years ago and haven’t stepped off since. i’m madly in love with my yoga mat. i love anything that’s white, shiny, and/or tinkles. i have 2 cats. i have 2 lefts. i cannot count, that’s why i teach yoga. i’m the queen of naps. i have an orange juice addiction. i have found ‘aparigraha – non attachment’ to be the greatest lesson that i have learnt from yoga, and of course…i love yoga.
Ting’s first training was with the Australian Yoga Academy in 2012 and now she’s devoted her practice, training, and teaching to Universal Yoga with Master Andrey Lappa. She teaches Universal Yoga, Powerflow, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga classes. In Ting’s classes you will experience challenges, spirituality, and tranquility.