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i believe in taking leaps of faith, and that everything happens for a reason. i love snowboarding, long walks …roughing it in the great outdoors. i am attracted to macarons like bees to honey. i am a nurturer. i am terrible at maths, and believe i was born with no navigational system in my head!  i’m most at peace when I’m drawing. i believe our children are our greatest teachers. my heart sings at the sound of my two boys (big and small) playing. the smell of a BBQ and mosquito coils burning on a summer night makes me smile. i cherish time with my family and friends. one day i want to live in the country so i can own a pet cow. i love letting go, being silly and the feeling of laughing uncontrollably. yoga has, and continues to, transform and change my way of living, thinking and being….i will forever be grateful for finding it.

Suze’s classes are balanced with an energising and calming style that takes you to the heart of your practice with each breath.