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I’m a dedicated teacher and student of yoga. I’m eternally thankful I stumbled across yoga over 10 years ago and I pay my upmost gratitude to all my teachers who have shared this sacred practice with me. When I’m not teaching, practicing, reading, learning or doing anything yoga-related, you’ll find me out in nature, playing with my niece, watching re-runs of the tv series Friends, or snacking on homemade treats. I love travelling, Indian food, and a long savasana!

Health, happiness, and kindness are three of my highest values. I’m a sensitive soul who feels deeply. I believe life is meant to be fun and full of laughs! I strive to be authentic, have compassion for all, and practice mindful living. As well as teaching yoga, I’m a qualified counsellor working in the mental health sector and spend my days helping others improve their wellness. I’m passionate about helping people find greater peace, ease, and joy in their lives, just as I have in my own journey following the path of yoga.