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i am a wandering yogini. yoga is a coming home to myself. learning about it and sharing the practice is my passion. the great mystery of life excites and humbles me. you can often find me dangling upside down from the feet of my acroyogi friends. i’m always on the move. since I could walk I was dancing. i dedicate time for stillness. yoga and dance have taken me on unimaginable adventures around the world. i believe in everything. the craziest thing I’ve ever done was drive a 1990 volvo from Austin, Texas to Panama…and back. in my mind I am a talented singer song writer. in reality i know how to play four chords on my ukulele. i rock those four chords! i trust in the blessed path life continues to reveal to me. i fully show up to this precious life, my work, my relationships, and to all of the expected and unexpected experiences. i do my best to show up with courage, honesty and joy.

Sally’s classes will take you on a rhythmic journey with your breath, body and heart. She loves to design her classes creatively around the meridian and facial lines in the body, relating ancient energetic knowledge in a relevant contemporary context. If you’re coming for vinyasa, be prepared to move!