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When I began practicing yoga I immediately felt a strong connection to it. With consistent practice I quickly recognised positive changes occurring in me and my life. As I practice and learn more about yoga I am always humbled by how profound it is. I love to practice and teach aspects of yoga including meditation, breath work, physical poses, mantra and reading yogic wisdom. The yoga practices expand our awareness on all levels, giving us a greater ability to navigate through our lives. This gives us greater freedom. Yoga also allows us to see the interconnectedness of all life, which can make us more compassionate and caring for others and ourselves.
I love skateboarding, but don’t worry I make sure I am protected by wearing the least cool thing you could possibly wear as a skateboarder (a helmet). I also love to play and coach tennis. I love long hugs, jam toast, am sincere but not too serious and love to relax and have a laugh with all the special people in my life. I am so grateful to have access to these profound yogic teachings and look forward to sharing them with you on the mat!