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a smile always warms me & was what i first loved about my husband, Paul. i have three smiley (most of the time) kids who have expanded my heart like nothing else. i love how kids challenge us. like yoga, sitting with any child will test your inner being and you’ll walk away seeing yourself and life differently.kids and yoga combined are the perfect combo for self-discovery! yoga has taught me how choosing each moment is far easier and way more powerful than wishing things were different. i love open-mindedness. i adore patches of sunshine that sneak up on you…and always stop to soak them up…and am forever telling my kids to too. i often preach about ‘kindness’ as feel it is more important than anything. kindness changes everything. something about ‘green’ and plants makes me smile and sees me feeling grounded and happy. i love design and interiors and spend lots of my free time filing away pictures of beautiful spaces and art. the beach calms me. i love to read and, when i do, i know i’m relaxed. i love multitasking and project management. i am never late. i give 200% to whatever i take on. positivity breathes life and i’ll forever strive to choose it. i drink ginger tea daily. coffee is my over-indulgence, my comfort, my pat-on-the-back. my friends inspire, challenge and comfort me and keep me balanced and i adore them. my family has taught me to treasure each moment, that support is life changing, and that love is everything. my time on my mat forever teaches me to simply and powerfully ‘be’.

Bec is a passionate, empathetic and talented kids yoga teacher who strives to teach our children how to find calm and ease in their precious worlds.