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I am a wilderness and nature lover. I love to seek out adventure. countries. cultures. with no limits of exploration. The snow and the ocean have been huge aspects of my life so far. I live my life through honesty, integrity and determination. for me, yoga is a space I feel empowered, creative, connected. alongside yoga, I studied the conservation of our mother earth for 4 years and am dedicated to living a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. i own an ethical and organic clothing brand. I believe yoga is a strong connecter to the energies of nature. I am inspired and feel a sense of connection by the sound of rain, the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the snow. I have a tendency to blend all areas of philosophy and yoga to find intersections between the knowledge.
Maisy is passionate about empowering people to connect with their bodies and breath through awareness, to cultivate presence and to find creativity and freedom within their practice. She guides each class with the intention to be just that, a guide. Allowing each individual to be in control of their own practice, with choice in each moment of where they need to be.