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i am an Argentinean cosmopolitan explorer. by the age of 18 I had lived in 9 countries. movement is my medicine. i am a sucker for chocolate and cheese, not together but separately. i also love tea. i love dancing; my favorite style is flamenco. i could dance for days. i love to perform and to play dress up. i wish I could sing. i really appreciate honesty, integrity and openness in others. i feel the biggest gift a teacher can offer to their students is self- awareness, empowerment and inner wisdom. i am obsessed with learning about wellness, consciousness and anything to do with movement. i need regular doses of  laughter and play. i enjoy fluidity and freedom of movement but i need and appreciate structure. i adore animals and take huge amounts of inspiration from nature and ancient systems of knowledge. off the mat you will see me dancing, exploring, doing pilates, networking and connecting people together while creating new projects or travelling.

Laura’s classes are nurturing and fluid, a moving meditation, balancing strength and deep release through alignment and correct muscle action to improve mobility and performance. Laura’s classes promote self-reflection and internal wisdom with self-acceptance and grace.