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i was born and raised in the USA. my upbringing in a diverse spiritual community gave me exposure to yoga and meditation, a variety of cultures and alternative ways of living, which became the foundation for my studies and life path. i am passionately committed to personal growth, continual learning and community. i see my work and classes as offerings of emotional, physical, psychological and potentially spiritual support. i love bodies, movement, birth, the feeling of flowing, dancing, being in water and nature. i love opportunities to be creative, especially with my own hands and body – making jewellery, painting. diversity, travel, exploring, languages other than my own, ways of being other than my own, new tastes and smells and sights are all very inspiring and ‘fill my cup’. i am also a birth worker (doula) and have studied dance/movement therapy and counselling, tying my love and exploration of the body/mind/spirit connection together. being of service is very important to me, so my classes are fluid offerings to explore the physical and non physical landscapes of our beings to better understand ourselves and to further our own growth.
Indrani’s classes are fluid offerings that explore the physical and non-physical landscapes of our beings so that we can better understand ourselves and further our own gro