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i fell in love with this practice about 9 years ago. it has been a long love affair and it is always exciting. i learn new things about my body, my practice and my incredible mind every single day. i definitely favour summer over winter – the beach, the sun, the sand and the ocean. it brings me so much happiness and keeps me grounded. yoga is my daily sun. i always leave my practice with the biggest smile on my face and those closest to me will tell you the same. i talk to my mum on the phone at least twice a day – she is my best friend and my biggest fan. pizza and ice cream are my guilty pleasures. i am so thankful i found this practice and the way it soothes my soul. yoga literally anywhere.

Elle’s classes connect the dots between mind and movement. Offering creative yet challenging sequences for all levels of yogis. Elle’s teaching style is fun, strong and dynamic with a focus on breath, self love and compassion.