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Coming from a background in the construction industry, yoga started off as a practice for a better functioning body. It wasn’t long until the practice started becoming a holistic lifestyle. I used to think health meant burning cardio practices and muscle soreness taking up most of the day, but I could never keep it up. It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga where my health became a consistent comfort, rather than a chore. I love to learn and find myself constantly striving to pick up new techniques to inform yoga and movement. My yoga ‘style’ comes from functional movement, soaring flows, and mindfulness meditation stemming from Buddhist practices such as Vipassana, Metta Bhavana, and Anapana. I also come from a background of music, my friends say my worst trait is being a bit of a music snob (I’m working on it, but hey… it makes for a good musically guided yoga class). Put it all together and let’s see what happens.