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The first time I stepped on the mat was in a Light Space studio. I fell in love with the way yoga made me feel and its ability to clear my thoughts. It has taught me the importance of nurturing and nourishing the body and mind. An early morning strong vinyasa is my favourite! Coffee and chocolate are my weaknesses. I appreciate all beauty and find the most joy in spending summer by the sea and winter on the slopes. Although, springtime is my favourite when I get to watch my cherry blossoms bloom! I am inspired by the book ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ by Mark Bunn. I love baking healthy treats, exploring new places, the smell of a Christmas tree and surrounding myself with like-minded people. Alongside yoga, I am a high school teacher and am passionate about creating a sense of community where everyone feels welcome. I believe kindness towards yourself and others is the greatest gift we can offer the world.