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i am a dreamer. i think smiles are contagious. i love the sound of rain, bare-feet on the earth, the smell of wood fire burning, and lying on the grass watching clouds drift by. i love coffee in the morning and herbal tea at night. i appreciate deep conversations and see beauty in authenticity. i love nature and feel the most connected outside. i believe the body is a vehicle for awakening, and that movement is a tool to help us discover a deeper sense of connection to the self and the world around us. i believe softness is strength, and that how we meet ourselves internally affects how we meet the world around us. i explore my practice and life with a playful curiosity, and love studying all things to do with yoga and the body-mind-spirit connection.

Annabel’s classes are creative and fluid, blending together a beautiful balance of challenge and calm. They encourage compassionate self-awareness through breath-based movement, with aspects of philosophy and meditation weaved through. Drawing her students into a deeper felt-sense of wholeness and freedom.