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i’m originally from Germany. i arrived on Australia’s sunny shores 8 years ago. i love to bake for others. i’m a part-time yoga teacher and part-time service designer. i drink endless cups of tea everyday. i love to eat breakfast (it’s my favourite meal of the day). i feel at home in the snow. i hate to be late. i love to create a space for others to grow their practice and discover a true home within themselves. i write everything on post-it notes. i often make up new English words. i love to walk barefoot. i love to laugh out loud. i love how yoga reminds me to be humble and to listen to my inner wisdom.

Ange completed her training at Melbourne’s Australian Yoga Academy (RYT-350 hrs) and is about to complete further yoga studies with Ihana Yoga in St Kilda (+ RYT-150 hrs). Ange’s classes are inspired by free and natural movements, with a pinch of curiosity, compassion and most importantly, laughter.