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i believe that yoga heals the body, mind, soul, and the heart. it’s pure magic. if i’m not at yoga, i’m probably writing about it. i am a true Cancerian, happiest by the water and the light of the moon. i think babies and animals are the happiest of all. and spending time with them makes us happy too. i am a strong believer in a good morning coffee. geography and attention to detail are my downfalls. and i have a tendency to lose important pieces of paper. i love my family and friends with my whole heart. i don’t do things by halves. yoga has taught me that it’s ok to be who i am. without the ifs, buts, whens, and maybes. it’s taught me that discomfort is ok. it helps us grow and makes us stronger. but so is ease. it’s ok to want to rest, sleep, and scale back. yoga taught me to listen to and trust my intuition. it knows the way.

Amy’s classes allow students to cultivate strength and stability, yet do it with a smile and sense of lightness. Falling and laughing on the way down is encouraged.