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i am married to my soul mate and best friend, i am a mother of three beautiful children (all teenagers!!), i am a nurse by profession, i am a runner and i am a yogi. yoga has brought balance into my life both on a physical level but also on a mindful level. i love the holistic nature of yoga, i love the history, the many limbs, and the limitless inquiry…mindfulness is the most valued gift I have learned. i am an eclectic yogi. i cannot be without my morning coffee! my favorite meal is Sunday night with the family. i love a wine in front of an open fire, movies, a beer in summer (ice cold!) i love the beach in summer/winter/spring or autumn, raining or sunny. i love my dogs. i love the footy! i meditate to find peace when I can, and when I need to. i love smiling and seeing people smile! i love sharing yoga with anyone. i am blessed….

Lynda’s classes are dynamic, flowing, mindful. Lynda will help you find your breathe and connect with it on and off the mat.