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i’m an ex-ballerina and recovered corporate-PR girl. human nature (not the band) and psychology are my muses. the depth of our untapped potential makes me want to cry with excitement. i’m a big nerd like that! self-inquiry is my soul food, and chocolate (Loving Earth, caramel please!). i’m a one-eyed Geelong Cats fan. i like to use French words…i dabble in sophistication. i also have this hankering that we’re being tugged along by a potent current that has a plan for us that’s beyond our wildest dreams. we’re here for a reason. that reason is what drives me. my mission is to help people build a strong and healthy relationship with their core (physically and spiritually) so that we can move and live in a way that’s centred, empowered & that feels fantastic.

Lucy’s yoga classes are invigorating, inspiring and powered by your deep core body.