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each day i fall more in love with yoga & grow my daily practice. i love to move, i dance from room to room in my house especially in the kitchen & always have music playing. i am amazed by the human body, i have a holistic approach to health & wellbeing. i believe food is our medicine & i am studying nutritional medicine in hope to help many people prevent disease & disharmony naturally. i am a firm believer in mind over matter & think our thoughts can change our world. i love full moons & watching the sunset. bare feet hitting the sand for the first time in summer is magical. i drink kombucha almost every day, eat a big smoothie bowl every morning & have dangerous love for dark chocolate. i find food shopping therapeutic & enjoyable. i love writing cards & love receiving them. i believe in manifesting & setting goals. my favourite asana is Urdhva Dhanurasana, full wheel. i love giving people adjustments in class & love receiving a great assist. i believe in true love & i love unconditionally. yoga has taken me on a journey of self inquiry & created a sense of connectedness – i am forever grateful for the lessons it has taught me. i wish to inspire others to strive for their full potential, on & off the mat.

Jennalea’s classes are nurturing and powerful. Her beautifully personal approach will bring a sense of calm and comfort to your practice.