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being a Melbourne girl born and bred i am addicted to good food and i’m a self confessed coffee snob. i believe that music and salt water can heal any wound and depending on the day you can find me listening to anything from Ludovico Einaudi, the Italian pianist to Eddie Vedder and Metallica. everything sounds better on vinyl and i miss the days where you would make ‘mix’ tapes of your favourite songs for your best friend. for me home is where the heart is and even though i love to visit beautiful places around the world my heart always draws me back home to my family who i love more than anything in this world. i snort when i laugh and constantly get sayings the wrong way around. yoga has been an amazing journey of self discovery and finding that balance between holding on and letting go. the most amazing part of teaching yoga for me is seeing the lightness on peoples faces when they walk out of class, seeing the stress and tension fade away from their being.

Kathleen’s classes are beautifully gentle in her instruction and the way she guides you from pose-to-pose, encouraging lightness, mindfulness and ease.